Tumeric is a root and part of the ginger family.  It has a yellow pigment and active ingredient called curcumin, which has a wide range of scientifically researched health benefits.  It is widely used in Asian medicine and cooking as a spice and colourant.

What it does

Tumeric is widely used for health, Alzheimer’s, anti-inflammatory, arthritism allergies, high cholesterol, liver disease and many more conditions.

There is early research that suggest that curcumin may have positive effects on a number of conditions including asthma, may lower iron in a condition called beta-thalassemia (excess iron in the blood), may reduce the number of precancerous glands in high cancer risk patients, may lower heart attach risk after a bypass, may reduce diabetes risk in prediabetic individuals, may help reduce an upset tummy, reduce muscle soreness after exercise and many more conditions.

Recommended Use

Take one tablet daily with water.  Do not exceed stated dose.

Suitable for vegetarians:  Yes

Suitable for Vegans:  Yes




Store in a cool dry place out of sight and reach of children.  Turmeric usually does not cause significant side effects; however, in high doses some people can experience stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, or diarrhoea.

In one report, a person who took very high amounts of turmeric, over 1500 mg twice daily, experienced a dangerous abnormal heart rhythm.



Allergen Warnings

Allergic reactions are rare but may occur in high doses.

Allergic reactions to certain compounds present in turmeric which can cause rashes, outbreaks and even shortness of breath. Allergic reactions can occur from both ingestion and skin contact.


Information and products are meant for general use only and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or provide medical advice. Any decision to use supplements to support your specific needs should be considered in partnership with your qualified healthcare practitioner.

Food Supplements

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied balance diet.


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